Friday, 2 March 2007

Join me on my journey!

Well I have news that I will be taking delivery of my Lendrum spinning wheel tuesday 6th March, the supplier rang me today and said that they had had a cancellation so this one now needed a new its winging its way to perhaps you would like to join me along the way of my finding out and doing of SPINNING...WHO HOO!!!!. can't you tell as slightly excited (do birds fly)? Now I must try to resist rushing into this and take things next Saturday am going to my guild meeting where the lovely people there are going to start me off which is great as I was going to go on a day course, so there's a saving as didn't expect to have to pay out for wheel for another month. But have got fibre carders and all that I need, so hopefully will post pictures of beautiful (cough cough)!!!! spun yarn...well will post pictures of the mess I make and then we can all have a titter together.
Anyway must go and get DH from work and then tonight a nice Korma curry, poppadums, onion bhargees, aloo sag (take-away of course)...have a good weekend all.

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Cheryl said...

Having just come back from our Guild's spin in, I can certainly appreciate the thrill that you have for learning to spin. I quite enjoy it although I'm just a hack at it. Do it purely for my own pleasure. Never really took any lessons. Had a friend show me the main points and I wing it from there. But I have to say that it's a real pleasure to do. So relaxing and I wish you all the best in your new endeavour. Had never hear of Lendrum wheels. Had a look on a website. Qutie nice looking. Which one did you get?

PS, I couldn't see any of your pics on the blog. Clicking on 'em just took me to photobucket.