Monday, 12 March 2007

Soooo chuffed.

Hello all, had an absolutely great day on Saturday at the Spinners Guild....had a lovely lady teaching me the spinning, she just sat with me first of all and went through how the wheel works etc....then slowly set me on the route to learning to spin properly. She didn't rush...I had so many questions that I asked her...(poor lady). Then later on another very very prolifant spinner toke me on board and sat with me... watching me treadle and just tellimg me when I was doing things wrong...which was often!!!!!...this lady it turns out had and has been demonstrating for years on spinning etc. She was such a good teacher. So it seems because of the two lovely ladies with their time/patience/enthusiasm. I think my willingness to learn rubbed off on them. So here is my (2nd) go at spinning. It is Blue Face Lecicester in Oatmeal...I have spun/plyed...and there is approx 98 metres. I marvel at the way that after setting the twist etc it comes out soo soft....oh yes and I managed to balance the yarn. Woo hoo way to I mustn't get carried away...heres piccys!!!

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And a more close up so you can see the ply....

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