Wednesday, 7 March 2007

My first attempt!!!

HURRAY I DID IT...well I achieved something. This is my very very first attempt at spinning on my loverly new wheel. The yarn is the fibre I dyed and called Brighton Rock and I'm well chuffed at the colourway. I was absolutely determined to do this today even though there were a few swearwords along the way, especially as I had never plied before and didn't have a clue but after a spot of reading...well just about managed it. Apparently even though this is BEGINNERS SPUN YARN....we should call it designer...Oh er Missus!!! yesterday I was mucking around with the wheel and wasn't quite sure if it was going to be my FRIEWND..
but today maybe there is a very small bond starting between us. Tomorrow I'm going to practice just treadling and stopping and starting to get a feel for the I kept on backing up. But have had my play and so here it is...

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Cheryl said...

Well done you!

Caroline said...

I think your spinning wheel is a beautiful piece of furniture in itself! I'll probably never learn to spin, but I still want a wheel like that to show off