Monday, 20 September 2010

Post holiday blues!!!!!!!?????????

Me post holiday blues, no no noI hear you cry oh yes! big time. I have just come back from a two week cruise on the Celebrity Eclipse. We sailed from Southampton to Vigo, then Lisbon, Gibralter, Barcelona, Cadiz, Palma and Provence. I must admit my favourite was Provence, we visited Bandol and Sanary, the harbour was full of the most beautiful luxury yachts, the sun shone and all was good. I didn't really think much of Gibralter mind you it was soooo hot that day 34 degrees, even the pavements seemed to melt and finding Marks & Spencers was rather weird.

Our gorgeous ship, if you see where the man is standing on balcony ours was the one below that. We had calm sees in the Med, and the notorious Bay of Biscay was kind and calm on way out, erm!!! she was not so accomodating on way back, 10' swells, and the ship was like a washing machine....18 hours of it eeekkkkk!!! But I was big and brave and put my wrist bands on buried my head under my pillow at night and tried to sleep, Oh thats inbetween feeling icky....ah well. All part of cruising. The dolphins we saw were numerous and was delightful watching then jump the wake of the ship and we were also lucky enough to see a couple of whales.

Don't know which ship this was sailing away before us but made an awe-inspiring sight/
Such beautiful sunsets!

So back to normality, well I'm trying, think it will take me a few off to look at my piccy and video memories.....ttfn x


bellaboo said...

I can see why you have the blues,coming back down to earth..or should it be 'on land'..after such a wonderful holiday.I like the idea of a cruise,but I don't think I could cope as well as you did with the rocking and rolling. ;o)

Florrie said...

Oh how wonderful......I wondered where you were. It looks like you had a fantastic time........thoses "holiday blues" will soon wear off and then you'll be getting into gear for the "Christmas Holiday" season.
florrie x