Thursday, 30 September 2010

Nigella a must for your Christmas list!

If there's one cooking book to go on your Christmas list this year, make sure its our Nigella. Superb, homely, simple, comforting, easy, kitchen warming, tummy warming, delicious and any other superlatives I can think of. Not too many ingredients, simple ingredients, supermarket fact nothing in here is too hard to make. Her best book yet in my opinion.

and even better the actual cooking turns out almost the same as the book pictures....and there's not many recipe books where that happens...well not for me.

This is a crusty pizza made from a basic batter mix....absolutely moreish!

and made this most gorgeous soft ginger cake with guinness...I added a few sultanas to it....and have managed to freeze a third....Oh! and thats another good thing about the book, Nigella gives all make ahead and freeze directions at the end of each recipe.



bellaboo said...

I missed her programme tonight,thought it was on at 9pm,not 8pm! Going to put that book on my Christmas list. :o)

Sarah said...

Definately on my Christmas list - I haven't had a chance to watch the programme yet.

Florrie said...

I was looking through her book in Waterstones just the other day.........this is one book I'm determined to get, and I think they have it on offer in WHSmith, so you can guess where I'll be Saturday morning.........that ginger cake you made sounds scrumptious!
florrie x

Knittings Nice! said...

Florrie....on offer at Sainsburys too £12.99 Amazon £13.00.

Mom2fur said...

I'll have to hunt this one down. I love 'homey' cooking. That pizza is making me drool. No, not really but oh gosh it looks goooood!