Sunday, 25 July 2010

Deck chair makeover and other....

Who needs fully functional touring sites, when your motorhome is self sufficient for 2 days and you can camp on school playing fields. These campers arrived at the school playing field which my house backs onto.....they belong to the Motorcaravaners Club and spent two days here. Wonderful idea, small fee for using field and profits go to the school.
But onto the more interesting part. Well I was looking at online shops the other day, and came across a deckchair that they had repainted and covered for the princely sum of £98.00!!!! eeeeeekkkkk.....I thought they must be having a laugh. So off I went to my shed where my long forgotten grotty old deckchair has been languishing for the last couple of years. Stupidly I didn't take a before piccy, was too excited with doing the makeover. Anyhows it was dark wood with navy and sky blue stripes running through the material. Well off I went to Laura Ashley sale and there waiting for me at £11.00 per metre (being half price in their sale) was just the woven upholstery fabrice I needed, pale ecru/cream/moss green/most beautiful grey. Did my heart miss I beat as I spied this material, was there enough left on the roll...oh yes oh yes!....honestly what else can get a girl with a love of flowers more excited. So home it came. Next a trip to Homebase, aha everything seemed to be falling into place, first pot of eggshell I saw Laura Ashley Country White, phew and just two tins one quickly was grabbed by me. I covered the existing deck chair material for strength. So for the princely sum of £12.99 for paint and £9.90 for material (oh yes! there was a further 10% off at till......all done for the price of £22.89. Am I pleased, you bet cha!!!!! ttfn x


Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Oh, Teresa! What a fabulous job you did! It looks so pretty and professional...and for 1/4 the price! You can be very proud!
On a more serious note, I was so sorry to read that your mom passed away. I know your family has had a long and difficult journey with her illness. Please accept my heartfelt condolences. I am sending you a big hug...

bellaboo said...

Brilliant makeover Teresa and how lovely to find bargains like that!
I was just mentioning to my aunt the other day that I would like to find a deckchair,and she said 'Oh I have one in the shed I don't use,you can have to if you want' Now I am going to follow your lead and do a makeover on it!
Thanks for your tip re painting my bench.I have been having trouble finding that 123 paint though.Where do you get yours from?

Bellaboo ;0)

Sarah said...

What a fab idea! and what a fraction of the cost. I've got a really old deckchair which is in need of a makeover so I might copy you if you don't mind!

marble rose said...

Oooooh love it!