Wednesday, 28 July 2010

We all need bunting and a knitted cushion!

Thought would show you this years grapes.....not bad eh! might be edible!!!!!!!!! Tried them last year ohhhhhh! sour.Thought I would show you my bunting, actually as you can see I'm not very picture taking savvy, but it is all oilcloth Cath Kidston, florals/spots and the like. I wanted to make some myself but when I cam across a seller making these for £10 and theres 15 flags...only problem is the ends furl up in the wind, any ideas? Only place to put it around the spa

Ok you may or may not know that I knit knit and knit, always have a project or two on the needles and my latest is this sample cushion. I used Rowan Cotton Glace 5 different colours and for those in the knitting world know, went and sourced my patterns from Ravelry knitting community. 9 squares 2 weeks later ta da!!!!!....a part besequined (erm is that a word?) ah well....cushion...I love the jewelled colours, you see thats my problem. I love pastels for things and then drawn to these gorgeous colourways. Actually don't laugh the knitted bottom left square is supposed to be a cup of coffee, but I stupidly put it on upside down and inside out.


bellaboo said...

The cushion is are a clever knitter!
A tip for your bunting.You could sew a bead to the tip of each triangle..that might stop them curling up,and would look pretty too!

Bellaboo ;o)

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Hi Teresa! Your grapes look wonderful! I that your garden? Lovely! And the pillow is simply gorgeous! Love the colors! I hope you are having a great week!...hugs....Debbie

Caroline said...

Oh! I really like that cushion, especially the pastel colors. Got to love Rowan.

I've missed reading your blog. And I'm sorry to read about your mom passing although I also know it is a blessing. My mom is struggling with many health problems and she lives over 500 miles away. I feel pretty helpless to do much for her. My dad is in good health, but he's not a nurturer, so not exactly patient with the fact that he is burdened with so much responsibility.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant Cushion love your choice of colours

marble rose said...

Thought I loved the pot holders bestest - BUT not I have seen the cushion.....ooooh want one badly!