Friday, 5 September 2008

Long time again.

Hello......hope all who pass by here are well and that summer has been sunny for you unlike here in the U.K......a total washout...thank goodness me and DH managed to get a week away in Italy...Lake Garda in a resort called Riva, absolutely wonderful we had such a laid back total relaxing week, we sat walked drank ate and totally chilled. Theres one thing that the continent does well and we don't...beautiful laden with flower boxes...wonderful.

Anyway on the knitting front the first piccy is of a lovely jacket that I am currently knitting called Floral Jacket is it the one from the summer issue of Vogue Knitting, being knitted in Rowan Pure Wool....the stranding is shall we say time consuming but very enjoyable...I always look on this type of work as painting with wool. The second piccy which I have just finished knitting in between doing Floral Jacket is called Valour from The Colour Collection in Kaffe Fassetts new yarn called Colourscape...if you want something that knits up really quickly a no brainer will be lovely and warm to wear...then have a look at this book...there are quite a few wearable items...and the yarn is 100% lambswool....the pattern called for 4 skeins and I did the small size and only used 3...another lady on Ravelry has knitted it using 3 so be aware as the price at £10 is not cheap...also have been waiting for ages and ages for my fall issue of Vogue Knitting to come am wanting to do the Druid Mittens and a couple of other knits in there....must be patient. Anyway thats all for back as and when. x

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming to visit Shades of Shetland and leaving a comment! I hadn't visited your blog before so I'm having a little snoop around right now. Your first post - the KF Rose Jacket is lovely, and the vest done in his Colourscape yarn is cute too!

I just finished a sweater from the Colourscape book -- it's the one with long sleeves, sort of a short jacket style with a collar that comes down and completes the fronts - it's really lovely and soft - but a tad short on me -- so I have to think of what to wear it with - something that hangs down to keep my mid section warmer and matches the sweater.

I'm off to read your post about spinning -- something I'd like to try to!

Hubby and I were in the UK in early September -- it rained every day except the last two before we left LOL!!! and his Sister had just be at Lake Garda, and showing us all these lovely photos -- next time we go with her to Italy!!!

Thanks again,