Monday, 12 May 2014

Crochet and pretty mugs

Hello, long time no post...but thought would just show some crochet I have been doing.  We are having a kitchen extention so for me it's the interior design and colours.  Hubby and I have decided on a palette of greys and blues...pretty much these cute ornament chair colours and so table mats and placemats will be called for, we are aiming for what is now deemed modern country.  Hopefully there will be room for an island and squeals with delight! Maybe a larder cupboard...but will not know until it's built but in the meantime, crochet callsand the decorating ideas going around in my head.   Oh. And mustn't forget the sweetest cutest mugs that I came across on amazon.......they are called The Caravan Festival trail. And I think there. Are six to collect....they are so colourful and will be a delight to use...but am putting them away until extentions done.a


bellaboo said...

Love those mugs! I would love a larder...well a new kitchen too!
Have a lovely bank holiday weekend.

Bellaboo X

Knittings Nice! said...

Hello thank you. The mugs are sooo cute ..they are put away at the mo mention until extention done. Nice to hear from you are you still blogging?

bellaboo said... I gave up my blog but i still enjoy reading my favourites.