Saturday, 19 December 2009

Christmas Eve magic

Christmas Eve magic.....I absolutely adore Christmas Eve, to me it is so so magical, the sense of expectation in the air. Even now although the children are all grown with children of their own. It still exists for me, sometimes I take myself back in my mind to when they were little and the leaving out of the mince pies and milk and sherry for Father Christmas. I always used to get the fits of giggles when opening their bedroom doors to put the stocking at the bottom of their beds, I remember one time, one of the girls woke up and said "Hello Mummy".....luckily she didn't see anything as she said "has he been yet". I remember when we pretended that Father Christmas had left a trail of wool all over the house and they had to follow it to find their main pressie. A couple of years ago I brought the girls the film Polar Express and put a jingle bellin with the package, my youngest daughter of 29 now has the bell on her tree and she loves it...she says it brings back memories of when she used to hear Santas sleigh bells!!!!....see magic....and now shes showing her 2 year old twins this bell....and they are just starting to understand there is something special going on. Every Christmas Eve without fail every year at midnight, I always throw open the bedroom window and just look towards the sky and just breathe in the cold midnight air, I glance upwards and just take in the stillness, nothing is moving, stillness, quiet, just my breathing showing in the coldness......Happy Christmas I say to the sky..Happy Christmas I say to the

Okeedoee now for some pretties, this gorgeous garland I purchase in Harrods...darlink!.....well to be honest about 15 years ago....and the bauble is another Waterford One.

Table centre decoration....hmmmmm! looking at this piccy, seems I
need to sort it out a bit.
Isnt' this the most cutest Christmas biscuit barrel,
my youngest DD brought it for me from M & it full
of CHOCOLATE COOKIES.....woohoo!
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...
falalalalaaaaaaaaaaaaaa......and breathe.x


bellaboo said...

Carrying on those family traditions...that's what Christmas is all about.
Cute biscuit barrel.Will the contents last until Christmas I wonder?


Knittings Nice! said...

No....gone already...ops!

Lalabibaby said...

Hi just popping in via Life on the East Coast's blog .... isn't it lovely having grands .... I hated that quiet spell when my brood grew up and now it's all come back again. Loving your kitchen too. Have a good Christmas x